Walk For Syria/Turkey.

Taqwa Mahrani Surapati

Originally from Indonesia, Taqwa became a resident of San Jose in 1998. She belongs to many mosques in the Bay Area, and is actively doing volunteer work with Muslim and non Muslim organizations. Taqwa enjoys travelling and reading. With Aldrin, her husband, they are parents of two sons: Ken, 17, and Rama, 15.

Currently Taqwa, affectionately called Rani as her nickname, is going through her Clinical Pastoral Education Program at Stanford Hospital and Clinic as a year long Chaplain Resident. Afterwards, she hopes to continue in getting Islamic Chaplaincy Certification furthering her credentials.

rani-avianandaWhat about life inspires you?

Living in the moment with an ever expanding heart inspires me, making the circle of love and care bigger.

Why did you choose to volunteer with GiveLight Foundation?

Dian and I shared country of origin, Indonesia. When the tsunami hit, Dian turned her grief into care and faith in action. I never saw anybody do it as swiftly and beautifully, so I’m proud to be connected to her in service and support of the foundation.

How do you help make a difference by doing what you do here?

We are the parents of the children, if you’re an adult, your responsibility extends beyond your own family unit. I’m never going to be a perfect parent for my own kids, but at least I try my hardest, and for the global children who are parentless, I am an adult and a parent who cares about them.

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