Walk For Syria/Turkey.

An enchanting afternoon tea was planned by my lovely sisters at the Northstar School for the children of GiveLight Foundation, Pakistan.

Everything — the venue, the beautiful centerpieces, the color schemes, and the tea sets — were so well-thought-out. All of them were generously donated as well, masha’Allah! The spread looked fantastic, and the GiveLight cake was delicious and dreamy.

I shared the highlights of my recent trip to Multan, where we opened our new and stunning home. Everyone listened very attentively. Alhamdulillah, at the end of the event, I received big hugs and affirmations of “I want to help.”

Although there was no fundraising at the event, we generated almost $6,000, masha’Allah! That amount is enough to sponsor Iftaars and Eid clothes for all of our children in Multan, insha’Allah! Amazing!

So grateful to our merciful God for His Generosity and to all who attended for sharing their blessings with us.

Below are the testimonials from two of our dear friends and passionate volunteers.

Nancy Nguyen arranged beautiful flowers and centerpieces for our event. All of the guests were admiring the venue/setting and the gorgeous arrangements. Nancy did an excellent job, and one can tell she did it with such love and care.

When asked why she put her heart and soul into the volunteer work the way she did, Nancy said, “Flowers and plants are part of God’s creations. I am so grateful to have a close relationship with nature. Sharing this gift with others and especially with GiveLight is so inspiring when I see the children smiling and striving. Praise be to our Creator.”

Zohra Arsala was the key organizer. She had traveled with Dian and the GiveLight team to Turkey back in 2017.

Here are some of Zohra’s thoughts on why she is involved with our organization: “First and foremost, because GiveLight supports orphans, and the Prophet (saw) loved those who supported orphans. Secondly, GiveLight is a first class orphanage wherever they operate – they treat the orphans like their own children. Thirdly, GiveLight is a trusted organization, and we know that the funds we raise will go directly to the support of orphans.”