Walk For Syria/Turkey.

10-years-after-tsunamiDear friends and supporters of GiveLight,
Our hearts are heavy with the weight of seeing so much cruelty in the world. But we must remind ourselves that even in the worst of times we have the choice, the ability and responsibility to do what is right. GiveLight came into existence in the wake of the deadly tsunami of 2004. What started from a tragedy is now bringing light to many orphans around the world.

We feel blessed because our work has a direct and immediate impact on hundreds of lives today – and we hope thousands in the near future. As we look back at the last 10 years, we are so deeply grateful for our growth as measured by the well-being and accomplishments of our children, the increasing number of supporters and volunteers across the world.

December 26th, 2014 marks the 10th Anniversary of the tsunami. By His Grace and your generosity we grew from only one home in Indonesia to five across the globe, from supporting 50 children to more than 800 and from 20 donors in the Bay Area to more than 3000 all over the world. We have grown from just 10 volunteers to over 100, spanning from San Francisco to Houston to New Jersey to Toronto. We are supported by major companies via employee matching grant including Google, Paypal, Adobe, Nvidia, Microsoft, GE and 20 more.

This reinforces our belief that with hard work and dedication, we can accomplish great things. We are asking all of you to please make a contribution of any amount to honor the lives of orphans under GiveLight’s care. You can ask 10 friends to donate just $10, which will allow us to feed a child for 10 days.

A few major highlights from 2014:

1. Our home in Savar, Bangladesh:

sarvar-home-bangladeshThe home is slated for its Grand Opening very soon on Dec 27th, 2014. This project is completed through partnership with a non-profit founded by the Bangladeshi community in the Bay Area (ECHO). The project took much longer than others to come to fruition mainly due to local red tape, but we are excited that the beautiful dream of helping or