Walk For Syria/Turkey.


“Helping children and especially orphans at an early age is very important. Early childhood development attributes to their self confidence, their personalities and their ability to dream and be ambitious. Children are our future and the next generation that will take our values and principles to the next level. This is a subject that I strongly believe in and this is why I support Givelight.” ~Fouzan Memon, Chicago

“I have always wondered how the fireflies can sparkle the whole world at night? Those tiny creatures can bring so much life into darkness. What if we can make it possible to touch others’ lives by sharing our blessings with less fortunate to make this world a beautiful place for all. This desire has always been burning in my heart until I discovered a true light, GiveLight organization.
I was totally intrigued by the idea of supporting and owning the orphanage around the globe without any borders. Being a mother and a professional dealing with children’s communication needs every single day, this cause was a true match to my soul. Sister Dian’s selfless love and passion to the orphanage around the globe has drawn me to be a part of this wonderful cause.”
~Ayesha Zia, Sunnyvale

“It is an honor and a privilege to support GiveLight. May the years ahead be full of blessings for all who are devoted to this noble work.” ~Aamir Rehman, New York

“Givelight is unique because the funds it receives goes directly to orphans. When I think of GL I think of caring, caring for every day needs of a child, I think of hope, hope for the future and I think of community; people coming together to help children.” ~Gary Campanella, San Jose

“If there’s heaven on earth, this home is as close as it gets.” ~Sh. Alaeddin Bakri,Cupertino (upon completing his volunteer work in our Aceh home, Indonesia)

“Traveling to Aceh and visiting with the children of Givelight home was something we will remember for the rest of our lives. We attempted to communicate the love and support from all of our family and friends to the orphans we were visiting. Each of our supporters was touched and inspired by the story of the children working hard on their education, faith, and life skills. I can only imagine that the more visitors they have, the more confidence and peace they will enjoy for their accomplishments and future.” ~Kristin Pugh, Los Gatos

“I love Givelight and its mission.” ~Basil Hashem, Redwood City

“A child well cared for carries the potential to effect astounding change in this world. A person imbued with the lessons of resilience, compassion, and wisdom is a force like none other. And I trust that the people involved with Give Light have the dedication, drive, and openness to provide those opportunities to kids that would otherwise be without.” ~AG, Arizona

“Sometimes when my kids are cuddled around me for a story or I’m tucking them into bed at night, I think of all the lonely children who have no one to read to them, or kiss them goodnight, or say a prayer for their well-being, and I feel so heartbroken. Then I think of Dian and her work and the opportunity Allah Most High has given us through this wonderful organization to support the orphans, and my heart is filled with gratitude and hope. Dian could have built one orphanage in her native Indonesia and stopped, her mission fulfilled. But she didn’t. She kept going, continuously striving, patiently, tirelessly, never giving up — like a mother for these kids who have lost their own mothers. I love Give Light, and judging from its rapid growth and success, I believe Allah Most High has blessed this endeavor with His tawfiq.” ~Nadia Khan, Arcadia

“After reading Sheik Hamza’s tweet: “saving a life is saving humanity www.givelight.org”, I felt that I should make a small contribution. May you and him reap the blessings.” ~SA, United Kingdom

“The Give Light Foundation serves as a beacon for orphans who yearn for light and hope in their lives. It is truly a labor of love from people who sincerely wish to serve humanity and enrich the lives of children all over the world.” ~Aisha Subhani, Fort Lauderdale

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