Walk For Syria/Turkey.

givelight-children-orphans-10th-anniversary-stars-universe-pic2Dear Friends And Supporters of GiveLight,
We send our heartfelt thanks to all our friends who were able to join us at our amazing 10th year Anniversary gala last Saturday. We enjoyed the joyous and momentous event with all of you.  We loved all of the smiles, joy and passion as we appreciated our last 10 years, and now we look forward to our next 10 years. We missed those who could not join us.

Our Keynote Jeff Hoffman did a great job sharing his journey of successes in business and finding meaning in helping others.  At the end of his moving speech he said there’s no “They” there’s “We”and we all can make a difference in an orphans’s life through GiveLight.

givelight children orphans 10th anniversary stars universe dian

Our Founder Dian Alyan with actress Rachele Smith, keynote Jeff Hoffman and Firasat Ali, one of volunteer leads.

givelight-children-orphans-10th-anniversary-stars-universe-pic2We had a surprise visit from a young Hollywood actress, Rachele Brooke Smith who was deeply touched by our work and she decided to share our message live. She also wanted to go volunteer/teach our kids in our homes and share her passion for Art and Acting. Here’s the link to her video.

As a reminder, we started 10 years ago with one country and 50 children.  We are successfully scaling our efforts, impacting orphan’s life in profound ways, and seeing more and more room for expansion.  The time to think about durability and scale is now.

Kids performances representing our global children.

givelight-children-orphans-10th-anniversary-stars-universe-pic1Our next 10 years is going to be about scaling our support, creating a  strong operational staff, and ensuring sustainability for the indefinite future. By His grace and your generosity we raised a total of $275,000,  leaving us a $125,000 gap.  This funds will cover expansion to Turkey to school 100 Syrian orphans, all our global homes, Morocco home construction (20% gap) and setting up an endowment program.  With Ramadan coming, we request that you consider our cause to be a part of your zakat/sadaqah contribution and help us cover the $125,000 gap.

Sh Alaeddin Bakri and his son Badr sharing their experiences visiting our homes.

Looking to the future, we have a daunting target of $10M to raise in order to fund our next 10 year journey. We are targeting 50 countries and 10,000 children within 10 years.  We are confident that this is a very grounded goal and objective and is achievable with your help and continued hard work. But, in the here and now, we’re looking for $500 per child per year.  That is all it takes to add one more life to our list of children we support  around the world. Any amount you contribute will impact a life, either one meal or one year of life, you make the choice.

Also, please spread the word about GiveLight.  We don’t spend funds in paid advertisement and rely on word of mouth.  Your words and ties are as important to the children as is your direct support. Here’s our Facebook page. You can view our event album from the evening. The smiling faces and engagement  are testaments to the power and beauty of our collective dream.

Thank you once more for all of your support.  Something beautiful is going on and we are happy that you have decided to join us in our journey to make the world a beautiful place for orphans.

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