Walk For Syria/Turkey.


When was the last time you witnessed the dazzling colors of love? We witnessed them at our recent Global Bistro in Cupertino. The event showcased the amazing talents within GiveLight family of volunteers. We have planners, doers, bakers, chefs, young artists, all working together to bring their very best to benefit GiveLight children around the world.


More than 400 ppl attended the event and we had food from all over the world under one roof including from Afghanistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Palestine, Morocco, Italy, and luxury coffee from 12 countries. Some food items were sold out fast and the chefs who brought them were basking in happiness.


The decor team transformed the venue into a room full of vibrant colors and beautiful artifacts from around the world. The sponsorship team delivered great results this year with sponsors to include our long term friends Mirchi, Zareen’s, Pista House, Neelam’s and new ones such as Caiim coffee, The Port of Peri Peri, Rita Italian Ice cream and many more. The cake by Natasha Tufail of “Cake and Stuffs” was stunning and delicious as always. We also had Granada Students bringing their sweet treats. Apart from the amazing array of food, we had volunteers doing face painting, Henna, customized Bookmarks, and bracelets.


When we combine our passion with purpose, magical things happen. And It is absolutely beautiful when work becomes love. Thank you to our dedicated Bistro team for another amazing event; Sadaf Husseini, Sameena Chisty, Ayesha Zia, Mahira Razzak, Toobe Ahmed and Sheza. And of course to our amazing bakers and chefs for your time and talents. May you all be blessed for the generosity.


Click here to view the album. Let us know if you are ready to join the GiveLight family.

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