Walk For Syria/Turkey.

The Givelight Foundation, a non-profit organization, renowned for its global humanitarian efforts, recently celebrated the launch of its new chapter in Detroit, organized by Sadia Tayab, with a highly successful charity event on May 4, 2024.

This inaugural event introduced Givelight’s mission to the local community and raised approximately $15,000 to support the foundation’s various initiatives. Specifically, the event’s funds were donated to Multan, Pakistan to support the Madrasas and Orphanages.

It was a family fun event full of joy and unity, as attendees indulged in various activities and treats designed to entertain and delight families. Some of the event’s highlights included a delicious lunch, face painting, henna tattoos, a selfie booth, and the always-popular ice cream station. The children had a blast with many activities tailored just for them, ensuring that everyone was having a great time.

Various stands offered a taste of traditional treats; the coffee and chai stand provided a warm welcome to guests, while the Gol Gappe stand, Chaat stand, cotton candy stand, and many other desserts ensured there was something for everyone to savor. These stands served as a culinary delight and a cultural touchstone, bringing a sense of community and heritage to the event.

Entertainment was a key part of the day, featuring a captivating nasheed performance that resonated with the audience, adding a spiritual and cultural dimension to the event. It connects with Givelight’s mission being driven by “our love for our Merciful Creator and the desire to help vulnerable orphans around the world.” This performance was a beautiful reminder  of GiveLight’s roots and its commitment to spreading love and light through all its endeavors worldwide.

Dian Alyan, the founder of the Givelight Foundation, also attended the event. In her insightful speech, Dian shared the inspiring story behind GiveLight’s formation and its mission to build homes, provide support, and offer educational opportunities for orphaned children worldwide. She brought attention to the many orphans around the world who have no home, family, or opportunity as the rest of us do. She emphasized the importance of the Detroit chapter in expanding Givelight’s reach and impact, expressing her gratitude for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm shown by the local community.”This is just the beginning,” Dian remarked.

“The success of today’s event shows the generosity and compassion of the people
of Detroit. We are excited about the future and the many ways in which we can grow and make a difference together.”

The $15,000 raised during the event will go a long way in supporting Givelight’s projects, which include building homes, providing education, and offering love and opportunities to orphaned and underprivileged children. The funds will help create a brighter, more hopeful future for the children to reach their full potential, aligning with GiveLight’s core mission of spreading light and love.

As Givelight embarks on this new journey in Detroit, the event has set a promising precedent for future endeavors. The enthusiastic participation and generous contributions from the community have laid a strong foundation for the chapter’s growth and success. With plans to host more events and engage with the community further, the Detroit chapter is delighted to become a vital part of Givelight’s global network of compassion and care.

In conclusion, the launch of the Givelight Foundation’s Detroit chapter was not only a significant milestone in helping children globally but also a heartwarming reminder of the power of community and charity. The event’s success is a beacon of hope and a demonstration to the impact that collective efforts can have in making the world a better place, one child at a time.