Walk For Syria/Turkey.

It has been three years since the pandemic started, with 2022 being the first year where Ramadan would be somewhat normal.

As I look back at the many Ramadans of my childhood, I remember wonderful memories. What stood out the most were having iftars (breaking of the fast) with family, reading Quran throughout the day, and praying Taraweeh at the mosque just across from our house.

I set out to make Ramadan very special for our GiveLight children every year. I want them to one day look back and reminisce on the beautiful memories of Ramadan similar to mine. This year, I wanted to spread the Ramadan joy beyond the GiveLight community. As I thought of the endless suffering in the world, I asked myself what we could do in the meantime while trying to figure out a sustainable long-term plan.

The answers were quite simple: a special iftar and new Eid clothes. The challenge was to find trustworthy partners in locations where we don’t have an operation yet. Through His mercy and the generosity of many, we were able to plan and hold the following special iftaars:

1. 196 children in Beirut and Tripoli, Lebanon

givelight 2022news thelightsoframadan1

2. 810 iftars in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

givelight 2022news thelightsoframadan2

3. 206 children in Istanbul, Turkey

givelight 2022news thelightsoframadan3

4. 600 children in Hyderabad, India

givelight 2022news thelightsoframadan4

5. 388 children in Amman, Jordan

givelight 2022news thelightsoframadan5

6. 200 children and their caretakers in Capetown, South Africa

givelight 2022news thelightsoframadan6

7. GiveLight Homes: Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Morocco (Over 1000 children)

givelight 2022news thelightsoframadan7

givelight 2022news thelightsoframadan8