Walk For Syria/Turkey.

givelight-children-orphans-morocco-home-2016-pic-2 250x188As we have seen time and time again, doors unexpectedly open when there is a yearning in your heart to do good. Our door to Morocco opened through personal connections of our team members and now our dream of opening a home in Africa is shaping into a reality in Morocco. We would like to share with you Houda and Isa’s beautiful story, firsthand, of how the land and the home came to be.

“I used to walk by an orphanage every day going to school. The big, towering door was always shut and very intriguing to me. I always wondered what went on behind those doors. The stern look on the caregivers’ faces was very intimidating and I sometimes caught a glimpse of the girls entering or leaving. In my college years, I started practicing my deen and learning the true meaning of giving. A few years later, I became a mom and learned the value of caring for your own child.

Four years ago, we lost a child of our own. Being parents in the face of such incredible sorrow made us think again about the children who have lost their parents. GiveLight was one foundation dear to my heart. It was a cause that touched me. God promised immense reward for caressing an orphan’s head. Last year, while visiting my beautiful home country of Morocco and spending time with my cousin who had just lost her 24 year old daughter unexpectedly, we got on the subject of philanthropy, and I mentioned the great work of GiveLight Foundation and how my dear friend Dian would love to build an orphanage in Morocco. Without a blink, my cousin (May God reward her and bless her daughter’s soul) offered to donate the land for the orphanage. That’s when the idea came to life.

Morocco is a beautiful place but it’s not exempt from poverty, suffering, and darkness. I’ve seen kids eat from the trash cans and I’ve seen them sleep on the bare floor. Let’s all get together to ease their suffering one child at a time, one light at a time.

Much love,

Houda Myal and Isa Shaw”

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