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GiveLight Foundation is primarily run by volunteers.  We are an amazing team of volunteers from all walks of life. We have many volunteer opportunities based on your talents, interests and skills as well as from anywhere in the world. All of you has something unique to offer regardless of how limited your time seems to be. Find your passion!


Since inception, volunteers have been the engine of our work.  We have many opportunities for individuals across the globe, based on their talents, interests, and skills.  Each of you out there has unique talents that can help us grow.

Volunteering hours on projects can also provide funds. For example, Intel Foundation matches volunteers’ time at $10.00 per hour for any project they do for GiveLight. Many companies such as Paypal, HP, etc. have a similar set up.  Spread our mission to your company's HR team to see if there’s a matching program in place for your volunteer hours with cash for GiveLight.

If you are ready to join our global family of GiveLighters, please fill out the form below.  You will make an important impact in the future of our children,